Aluminum Extrusions of almost profile configurations are produced to meet the standards and customers requirements up to 240mm circumscribing circle (400mm wide and 150mm height for Solid Flat Sections)

Product Technical

Anodized Coats up to 30 microns by which it gives the metal very high degree of resistance against corrosion and it has an attractive finish in a specific range of colors.
Standard Alloys are extruded such as 60601, 6063, 6082 and 6351.



DIN 1748 for Non-architectural Applications and DIN 17615 for Architectural Applications.


Standard Length is 6,000mm with a maximum length of 20,000mm for Mill Finish and 7,000mm for both Anodizing and Powder Coated.

Size Range

    • Solids

Up to 240mm circumscribing circle. Up to 400mm wide X 150mm height for FLAT SECTIONS.

    • Hollow

Up to 240mm circumscribing circle.

Products Raw Materials

Mill Finish

Extrusion without surface treatment.


Extrusion with DC Sulfuric Acid Anodizing.

Powder Coating

Extrusion Coated with Polyester Powder.

Wider range of Polyester Powder Colors up to 200 colors.

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